Simple Tips

Daily Routines

  • Never shop when you are hungry. Always leave a window open in your bedroom when you sleep.
  • Drink a glass of water before you sleep and if you take medicine where possible take it at night so it works on your body in your sleep .
  • Set an alarm for 30 minutes before you get up – the last 30 minutes of your sleep are very valuable and you should wake up gradually, stretching legs and arms in your bed before you get up.
  • Take the stairs instead of a lift . 

    Get an app that measures your steps and do at least 10,000 per day. A walk at night before you go to sleep has many benefits. 

  • Don’t watch anything on a screen immediately before you go to bed…give a 30 minute break.

  •  Have a hot toddy before you go to bed or a joint p- this helps the muscles relax and you get a better sleep

  • Don’t use shampoo or conditioner on your hair every day – besides ruining your hair, they have toxins that have medical impacts on the body. Use a light shampoo about once per month. 



Life Philosophy

  1. Treat every opportunity as a dancing lesson from god – take them all and learn to waltz through life.

  1. Worry and stress cause cancer and heart disease – there are 2 ways to reduce stress. Firstly understand that worry itself has never fixed anything so has zero value – tell your mind that worry is useless – what will be will be and often nothing can change things, less of all worry. Secondly when making a decision, even the smallest decision, consider if the impact of the decision will affect your life in one years time. If not, the decision is not important to dwell on. If the decision will affect your life in a years time, then spend time to look at all the options and only make the decision if you are capable of coping with the worst outcome, e.g. could you live with going to prison of you got caught. 

Simple Tips