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Cod Liver Oil

Health Benefits

Consuming cod liver oil can provide you with a significant amount of essential vitamins and fatty acids. Supplementing with it may offer several potential health benefits:

Glaucoma Prevention and Treatment

Glaucoma is a leading cause of blindness. The vitamin A found in cod liver oil prevents cellular damage from oxidation, which contributes to the development of glaucoma. Vitamin A also prevents deterioration of eye structure. The omega-3s in cod liver oil offer even more significant effects. Fatty acids like DHA and EPA lower pressure and increase blood circulation in the eye, which helps stall the progression of glaucoma.

Anti- Cancer Properties

Because cod liver oil contains both vitamin A and omega-3 fatty acids, it’s a powerful weapon in fighting cancer. It not only displays anti-inflammatory properties, which help prevent cancer cell development, but it could also be used to treat cancer.

Cancerous tumors need to create new blood vessels to grow, a process called angiogenesis. Cod liver oil prevents angiogenesis and disrupts cancer cell reproduction, interfering with tumor growth.

Multiple Sclerosis Prevention

Low vitamin D levels have been linked to multiple sclerosis (MS). One study found that people who had consumed cod liver oil during their adolescent years had a lower risk of developing adult-onset MS.